Monogatari Series: Second Season 05

This episode reveals that the tiger apparition that has been lurking around and setting fire to things is a manifestation of the envy Hanekawa feels towards others. It comes as no surprise because throughout this arc we have been given glimpses of Hanekawa showing resentment towards those that she feels jealous of, which is shown by her formality towards and the awkwardness of interacting with the subjects of her envy. It wasn’t subtle, but it didn’t conflict with her personality.Despite Kako, the tiger, being a product of her envy, she knows that she is powerless to stop it from burning up the living places of those that are important to her, so she turns to The Cat for help. This part stood out to me because it reminded me of the relationship between Araragi and Shinobu. Both relationships are symbiotic and the pair in each relationship is under no illusions about that. The main difference is that Hanekawa and The Cat seem to have a more intimate relationship where they can empathise with each other.We move onto the final confrontation between Black Hanekawa and Kako. To be honest, I found myself confused by Kako’s half of the dialogue because it didn’t make much sense to me. Kako claimed that it was an apparition that would burn whatever it wished and that Hanekawa’s feelings on the matter were of no concern. That does not make much sense when you consider it only burns the living place of those that Hanekawa felt envy towards. The only way I can make sense of this is that Hanekawa’s subconscious was simply in denial. I find it hard to believe the apparition is completely independent, even if Hanekawa explicitly states otherwise.In the end Araragi jumps in to save the day. His appearance is comically over-the-top. He impales Kako on a really long golden katana and then proceeds to drag Kako around on his shoulder. It’s quite a big difference from before when weaker apparitions would wreck him. His appearance didn’t satisfy my curiosity. In fact, it made me more curious. This curiosity is multiplied when I consider all the times during the series people were talking about Araragi being elsewhere. Even as a harem main character he still has an important presence and is more than just a witty milquetoast character.So here is the conclusion of Nekomonogatari White. It feels like it took forever to get here, and it pretty much did. It has taken three different arcs to reach a conclusion for Hanekawa’s story. I was never a fan of the girl, but I’m glad we got a satisfying conclusion to her story and character development. I hope we see more of Kanbaru in the next arc.